Thursday, January 28, 2010

100 Visions and Revisions...

I woke up this morning and still felt less than good. No even semi-good. So I had to make a decision – race and potentially get sicker with my better races coming up or get a DNS (did not start) on the start list. On one hand, I have been shooting really well so I am looking forward to racing a biathlon. On the other, I am a stronger sprinter and 5km racer, especially in classic technique, and those races are still to come so if I got sicker today, that could jeopardize my better events later in the trip. And it’s not just for me I am making the decision – Andrea, as my guide, is part of the team and I know that she is always ready race hard and I feel like I am letting her down if I don’t start. But I can’t jeopardize not making the 2010 team either…what to do, what to do?!

Anyway, after some tears (how lame is that?) and talking it over with coaches and more experienced teammates, I decided to skip the biathlon today and focus on the free technique sprint tomorrow. Luckily, Andrea feels I made the right decision. So tomorrow will be my first 2010 World Cup race.

Andrea and I went out this afternoon and looked at the sprint course and it looks good. The biggest hill is the first one and there is only one gnarly corner that the first time we did it, we both were practically flung right off the course – sort of like Mother Nature’s life-size skiing slingshot!. Andrea and I spent some time on today so we think we have it figured out. Our objective tomorrow is to be relaxed and stay close to each other so I can better follow her lead. If I can get into her skiing rhythm, it often works out to be a more relaxed tempo, but a faster pace. But if she gets too far ahead of me, I can’t see enough to follow her rhythm. Get too close to her though and I can trip us both up so it is a fine balance. And considering my depth perception has something to be desired, it can get pretty interesting!

Anyway, the moon photo is looking out just east of the stadium while the sunset photo is the view outside my bedroom window. Pretty, isn’t it? Good thing too since I’ve spent so much time in my bedroom resting…but now on to better things! Tomorrow Andrea and I will blast off a fast time in the sprint and let the chips fall where they may.

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