Monday, February 15, 2010

Canada Wins Gold!

So some of you are probably wondering why Canada winning gold at the Olympic Games is so exciting...well, only because prior to yesterday, no Canadian athlete had ever won a gold medal at an Olympic Games held in Canada, making us the only nation to host an Olympic Games and never put an athlete at the top of the podium. Then Alexandre Bilodeau won gold in the men's ariels event and broke the curse! I saw his winning run and it was fantastic! No that I am an expert in aerials, though I certainly have had some unintentional aerial experiences while out cross-country skiing, but he looked good! I loved too that he said this is the strongest Canadian team ever and that the party is just getting started for Canada. Even neater was that Alexandre attributes his older brother, who has cerebral palsy, for being a major motivator.

So I have been watching more TV these last few days than is normal, but it is so hard to pull away from all of the Olympic competition, especially the nordic skiing and speed skating, my two favourite sports to watch. i'm watching the nordic skiing to see how the Olympic athletes are tackling the courses as our Paralympic ones will be very similar, if not exactly the same. For those of you watching nordic skiing, I know that last corner down into the stadium is on all our race courses for the Paralympics and that corner can be tricky, especially if conditions are soft. Watching athletes compete at the FIS World Cup races last year certainly gave Andrea and I some ideas about tactics so we should learn more from the Olympics!

Anyway, I have my fingers and toes crossed for Jeremy Wotherspoon in the men's 500m long track speed skating event (met him at a CAN Fund dinner once) and of course for all the nordic skiers! Go, go, go!

Anyway, I have to go pack again - sometimes I wonder why I bother unpacking - so Andrea and and I can head out to Mount Washington for some training in that all our options here are just a little busy! Our friend Emily organized a free condo for us to use for the week (thank you Emily and Rick!) so we'll get in lots of training, which is awesome! So off I go to pack up my stuff and all my skis.....

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