Monday, February 8, 2010

Home, Sweet Home!

Our last race was the biathlon pursuit and we finished 9th so we have two top-ten finishes to our credit. I was really happy with how the pursuit went (I shot the cleanest of all the visually impaired Canadian athletes), but now that Andrea and I have a better understanding of the event, I think we can go faster and move up the ranking list. So we ended this World Cup trip on a much better note than it started. I think Andrea and I have secured our spot on the 2010 team, but we have to wait for the official announcement on February 22nd....

Our trip home was very smooth, especially considering we got bumped up to first class the whole way home. I am so spoiled now! The only tricky part of the long travel day was getting to our gate at the Zurich airport. We had to go up or down four different elevators (no easy task with ski bags!) plus take a train just to get to our gate. It took us 90 minutes from the time we dropped off our rental car until we got to our gate and had no line ups at security to slow us down. Good thing we were nice and early!

So we are home now until February 15th when we head over to Vancouver Island to get in some training at Mount Washington, returning February 19th so Andrea can get up to Whistler Olympic Park to watch the men's cross-country pursuit race on the 20th. Then we leave for Canmore on the 25th for Nationals and a pre-Paralympic camp and on March 8th, we head to Whistler for the real deal!

i am still mooching photos off of other athletes so when I get some good ones, I will add them here. Other than that, I likely won't post as often as I have until we get up to Whistler.

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