Monday, March 15, 2010

Funny Things That Happen (Or At Least We Think They Are Funny!)

So luckily for us, our team has a good sense of humour and everyone has made a funny comment at some point. So here are some of the funnier things that have happened to us...or at least we think they are! Likely this will be a case of "You had to be there." but maybe not.

First, Andrea thanked the housekeeping staff for tidying up our room and the woman turned around and said "No, no, it's an honour!"As she said this, she was cleaning the toilet. Okay...either way, thank you for your hard work!

Second, when I asked my 6-year old nephew what his favourite part was about opening ceremonies, he said, "It was when I got to eat a really big hot dog and there was ketchup and mustard everywhere!" Okay, I hope you really enjoyed it because the ticket cost us $100 so that better have been one good dog! Hopefully as he gets older, he'll remember some of the actual ceremony! He wants to be a snoreboarder when he grows up (he has yet to figure out that everyone else calls it snowboarding, not snoreboarding) so maybe he'll remember what his aunt did in Vancouver 2010....

We got these awesome jackets that are white with greyish black geometric lines on it we've nicknamed zebra jackets (no two are exactly alike) and have a lot of comments about how fantastic they look, but none quite as good as the volunteer in the cafeteria who followed Jamie around and told him just how good he looked in it. Jamie just politely smiled and thanked her, but she persisted by pointing Jamie out to some other volunteers who also agreed the jacket looked good. That still wasn't enough for the volunteer though who felt she had to make Jamie really understand so she grabbed Jamie by the forearm and said, "You look really hot in that jacket!". So if we need any sort of distraction in smuggling food out of the cafeteria, we'll just send Jamie as our decoy because he's so hot looking, all the girls will be swooning.

Andrea is in seventh heaven here because her favourite beverage is diet Coke and in the village at at all the venues, there are Coke machines that we have special swipe passes for that let us get free drinks. Obviously Andrea's not the only one though who likes Coke because when she was waiting to make a massage appointment at the polyclinic, the athlete in front of her was just finishing up with making her booking. The receptionist asked that athlete for her accreditation, typed in all the info he needed and gave it back. But a guy standing next to the receptionist said, "Oh, could I have your accreditation for a sec?" So she passed it over to him and he then disappeared with it. Our accreditation is our lifeline here to everything - getting on buses, getting into the cafeteria, you name it, we need our accreditation for it! So you can understand that she was a little bit worried and she turned to Andrea who could only shrug as if to say, "I have no idea!"Suddenly the guy reappeared though holding a Coke and passed the athlete back her accreditation. He obviously had used her swipe card to score himself a Coke! Sneaky!

Anyway, it's also been entertaining watching Robert work his magic in the pin trading market here. I don't really trade pins because at my first Games, I gave up most of my best pins for what I thought were good trades only to have a really good look at them and realize I'd been had. I traded a rare team Canada pin once for a Colgate toothpaste pin and realized I just wasn't meant to be a pin trader so I've given all my pins to Robert. By the end of the Games, he should be able to say "Pin?" in a multitude of languages.

So tonight is the Friends and Family reception so I'll get to see some friends which will be nice. As Andrea said, living in the village is like living in an alternate universe so it will be nice to touch base with people on the outside!

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