Friday, March 5, 2010

I Guess It Must Be Real Now...!

So this afternoon there was a press conference up at the nordic centre to announce the team and I'm on the list so hooray! Andrea and I are sporting those ever popular red mittens too!

It was a busy day today with the press stuff, team photo, skiing about 14km and getting a massage (so nice!). Doesn't sound like a very busy day, but it was. Andrea had just driven me down to the massage place when she got a call from Jamie that we were needed back up at the nordic centre for a team photo so we raced back up, got the photo taken and raced back down. Good thing Canmore is a small place!

So I'm heading home today for a few nights in my own bed before leaving for the Games on Monday. But Saturday night I'm going to a send-off/fundraising party for Mary at the Elephant Walk Pub at 41st and Knight if anyone wants to join us! $20 for a burger, fries, drink, draw prizes and entertainment - sweet!

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