Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Putting Things Into Perspective....

See all these trails? At one point or another over the past few years, I have raced on all of them here in Canmore. When I had a second look at this photo, I had a second thought about my races this past weekend. In retrospective, the 5km classic was still a disaster, but every athlete has good days and bad days and that was definitely a bad day. But the 10km skate wasn't as bad as I originally felt it was. The race was actually about 11km, not 10km, according to Andrea's GPS watch and we skied it in 43 minutes. Compare that to the 7.5km biathlon race Andrea and I skied in November on a harder course in 38 minutes. Now, I have to subtract two minutes to account for two rounds of shooting, but that means we skated 7.5km in 36 minutes in November and this past weekend, we skated 11km in 43 minutes. In that we know we didn't ski 3.5km 7 minutes (though that would be nice!) we definitely were carrying a faster pace per kilometre this past weekend than we were in November. So really, we are faster! I think I was so disappointed in the 5km classic results because I have been working more on classic technique and at the shorter race distances and my results didn't reflect this. But, I know I am ready for the Games as my sprint result for Germany certainly proves I can hold my own. So here's to bigger and better things in Vancouver and two thumbs up for low altitude and high humidity conditions!

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