Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunsets in Canmore

All I can say is sometimes Mother Nature outdoes herself! I took this photo off the back deck of Andrea's parents' home here in Canmore at sunset. Pretty, isn't it?

Tomorrow we are going to do biathlon practice again, but biathlon nationals are on this week so we are going to sneak in our practice in between the races so finally I get a morning to sleep in! But it won't be a quiet day as we have to catch up on the never-ending project for nordic skiers: waxing our skis! And maybe get in a yoga class in the evening. We did that last night and I really haven't been a yoga convert, but last night was really good! I explained to the instructor that there were three visually impaired people in his class that would really appreciate it if he would talk us through the poses because none of us can see enough to really follow along just by watching. He did a nice job, but it was funny to observe who was listening to him and who was watching him! You could easily tell who was doing what by which foot they had forward in certain poses - those listening to him would be doing as he said and those watching would be doing mirror images of what the instructor was doing! Luckily, yoga's not all about being perfect so it all works! The class was an ashtanga yoga class, which I enjoyed more than any other form of yoga I've done, which doesn't say much because I think in my entire life I have been to three yoga classes in total - including yesterday's! But I think when I get home, I'll be doing more!

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